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Microsoft Office 2010 home and student by insisting on drawing found the slow diseases of the

She also became the youngest baidu LOGO designer.

Click LGOG, namely into "love of June 1, autistic children's network painting exhibition" page. Baidu initiative, the common attention autistic children, Office 2010 home changes life.

to a lonely "love the hugs".

Today's children live in a electronic product developed and even some flood s. They are easy to access to all kinds of electronic products, and seem to be more than their predecessors "smarter" and soon accept and consciously using these tools.

But, in the electronic products boom, there always hide the potential harm to children. For example, a storm on market recently of 3 D TV, the fact that it has not yet mature for children with certain damage eyes, Italy and other countries have introduced the related regulations, for 3 D TV exposure of children to the time, degree, and so has more explicit stipulation, Office professional 2010 will let your work faster and easier.

 but such regulation is not in the world of universal; For example, the children's cell phones have become the mobile phone market small part of, even become a businessman sales "stunt," but the mobile phone radiation, operation in children control lacks certain standard.

Especially in the network developed s, for children's "content control" is to let person a headache. Many people reflect, today's children generally a little "premature". Microsoft's best product is Office 2010 professional .

And one of the reasons, is faster than their predecessors came into contact with all kinds of information, a little "ripened" feeling. Children's lack of cognitive ability, judgment and self-control, early contact and most easily addicted to online games, Internet addiction, their physical and mental health will be a bad influence.


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