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Microsoft Office 2010 student At the end of the day the marketing effect is

audience brand consider degree have risen by 11%, consider the ascension of the degree of the media covered benefits from integrated marketing, Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

among them, the largest contribution to the media. Of course the ascension of the brand consider degrees undoubtedly benefited from all the media individual contribution and the resultant force.

Three, to TV media investment may be too much, and the use of online media and other media can greatly enhance the influence of the marketing activities, and at the same time in build name recognition, the influence of TV increase earlier than other media began to decline, we need to deal with TV media marketing return downward trend. Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

In March 2010, Colgate WISP in Australia propaganda toothbrush listed covering the television, magazines, Internet and outdoor media. Online marketing by the creative video online and the audience lock and the target of the information transfer time scene, has made the good effect.

Four, different target audience reaction to different media vary, integrated marketing must do the target audience. Must want to know in advance what kind of advertising is to think through the media for marketing? Advertising have what kind of innovation? Microsoft Office changes life.

How to use the online media? No matter what advertising is a kind of what kind of style, must be used in online media, or try to, you can know the effect is what, you why want to use the blog? Why should use the network media? You must do this investigation, you just know how to use which kinds of means.

Five, online media is the most successful multimedia in the marketing activity of one of the key part.


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