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Microsoft Project 2010 TOM's been playing the idea of sina

and the strength of the sina acquisition from TOM li ka shing behind. A source said, the chairman of the joint sina in leaving out that ginger will soon. Ginger in leaving the company, ChenTianQiao boycott of the CaoGuoWei, got the power control, Outlook 2010 is replaced by the Office 2010 product.

is ChenTianQiao choose a time. Sina President CaoGuoWei on phone said: "don't know how to deal with ginger always sina equity, this is a personal choice." And according to electric reports, ginger left shares should be TOM totally acceptable.

After the acquisition is complete, TOM group's TOM online with sina will continue to keep their brand, and two web portal business will integrate, high-level and related departments will have a big adjustment; For the takeover rumours, Do you like Microsoft office 2010 trial ?

TOM online spokesman refused to respond. The industry also rumours about recent, sina chief executive WangYan will change after the completion of the purchase in equity office, TOM online CEO WangLeiLei will take over.

March 27, news, Siemens has to 1.2 billion euros ($1.4 billion) the price sells it answers in the rest of the company 18% of the shares. Microsoft Office changes life.

The deal is entrusted by Siemens Goldman sachs implementation.

According to EE Times web site reported, since Siemens, stripped of their chip department and in 2000 after issuing new shares, Siemens has been reducing it holds shares in the answers. Siemens in late 2001 sold most of the answers shares, and in January 2004 and sell the large number of shares.






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